Web designers wont post their prices on the web. We do! There are no guessing games or hidden costs with Create My Web. Prices as of February 2013

These are our Pricing Options. Pricing is negotiable depending on extensiveness and time involved.

Option A: Home Page - Text with graphics - Minimum cost $200.00 ($65.00 per additional page)
Option B:
Multiple Pages (limit 3) - Text with graphics - Minimum cost $395.00
Option C
Multiple Pages (limit 5) - Text with graphics & Java Script - Minimum cost $525.00
Option D:
Multiple Pages (exceeding 5) - Text with graphics & Java Script - Bulletin Board - Search Engine Listings - Minimum cost $575.00 and up.

Payment can be made thru PayPal to: paula@createmywebusa.com or by Check or Money Order to:
Create My Web P.O. Box 274 Rapid City, South Dakota 57709

All Home Page costs include logo, background, text, graphics, menu, scrolling marquee and music (Counters and Guest Books are optional).

Blogs: $100.00     Bulletin Boards: $75.00    Guest Book: $45.00
Shopping Carts: Minimum of $250 for initial set up - Shopping Carts are created after the web design is completed.

  • Please Note:
    Appx. Time For Completion Of Web Site: 5 - 30 business days (depending on how fast info is gathered)

  • Option & volume of web site reflect on final cost, all costs subject to negotiation.
    Hourly Rate for extensive web sites $35.00 per hour, after Minimum Cost
    $25.00 minimum monthly Maintenance Fee (includes editing & updating, no updates - no fee for the month)

  • Consultation Fees- $50.00 for initial consultation exceeding 15 mins. Phone calls, emails and Instant Messages apply.